Channel1 is a versatile video engagement platform for learning with over 7,500 videos, over 35,000 users, and 250,000 total learning views.  Channel1 is a proven, effective communication tool for training and recent advancements in technology. A dramatic decrease in costs for creation and publishing have led to a massive increase in volume of videos published and consumed online.
  • Create playlists
  • Create quizzes in videos
  • Transcoding and flavor processing
  • Channel subscriptions
  • Video editing
  • User control management
  • Machine to text transcription service
  • Content management and distribution
  • Customized analytics
  • Customer and supplier access
This means that you don’t have the authorization to see the video. Reasons for this could be your CWS credentials do not meet the requirements for that video or the uploader wants to keep the video private. Contact the original uploader for more detail on if permissions can be granted or not.
Uploaded videos are private by default which means only you can see it. Only when you Publish a video will it be visible to an audience. As the uploader, you will have two areas of publishing videos: Categories and Channels. Whenever you publish a video into a Category, it will inherit that Categories restrictions. This is also true for Channels, except Channel access can be changed by the Channel owner. Below is a rundown of Category access.
  • Products: Caterpillar and Dealers
  • Industries: Caterpillar and Dealers
  • Support: Caterpillar and Dealers
  • Languages: Caterpillar and Dealers
  • Guests: Open to everyone
Captions are automatically created with 70% accuracy whenever your video is uploaded. You can add/edit the captions from the 'Edit' tab. HOW TO USE CAPTIONS/SUBTITLES
In order to limit the viewers on a certain video, you will want to order a CHANNEL. With your own channel, you can allow who you want to view it under the “Edit” and “Users” tab. Simply type in their name and select who you want to add. If they do not show up, that means they have either not accepted the latest Terms and Conditions of Channel1 or they are known by a different name. This can only be used for users with a CWS ID.






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